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Assume that the wind turbine generator SCADA package will face so many hurdles when it comes to connects with Wind Turbine Generators. Because the Geographic location for every wind turbine generators are in remotely erect and it is having difficulty to acquire the data from wind turbine generators. These difficulties will over come through RF modem, which is also facing difficult to acquire the data from the wind turbine. RF modem should have line of site to fetch the data from the remote computer. Again the geographic location will play a vital role to spoil the RF technology which connects with each wind turbine generators. The main disadvantage is when it comes to rainy season if any of the RF modem antenna get affected by the lightening it could have damage the entire wind turbine generator panel.

When it comes to play the GSM/GPRS Mobile Technology to communicate through Short Messaging Service (SMS), GSM DATACALL and GPRS Technology with wind turbine generators even it doesn’t matter about the geographic location of the wind turbine generator where it is located. The factor which is to be concerned is about the area which is covered by any of the GSM Network operators. The continuous R&D in process of developing the GSM Technology SCADA package for the wind turbine generators through SMS is finding a solution to fetch the data from the wind turbine generators in a graphical and user friendly mode from the remote places. The GSM Mobile Technology SCADA package through SMS doesn’t have the limitation to cover the distance.

We at M/s. Sri Amman Wind Systems Pvt. Ltd. provide the GSM/GPRS technology to communicate with wind turbine generators by fetching the data.

Control and Monitoring the Wind Turbine Generators.

The software is having the features to provide the entire details about wind farm of each wind turbine generators.

  • Instantaneous value of Power generation (KW)
  • Instantaneous Wind Speed
  • Instantaneous Status about the Wind Turbine Generator
  • Instantaneous Temperature
  • Instantaneous Current (R,Y,B) & Voltage (R,Y,B)
  • Import Kwh
  • Instantaneous Power Factor
  • Total Units Generation for the (day, month, year)
  • G1 and G2 Kwh
  • Error no of times.
  • Last Error occurred. The above said all the parameter will be shown as Report as well.
  • We can get the data for each Turbine by Date wise, Month wise and Year Wise Report.

Additionally M/s. Sri Amman Wind System Pvt. Ltd. this software is changed to web based solutions to provide data to view the entire wind farm in global level.

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