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India gets more than 5,000 trillion kWh of Solar Energy every year. This much of energy is very high compared to the overall energy requirement and consumption in the country. As regards the latest trends in developed countries like the U.S. and Japan, it is estimated by industry experts that millions of homes around the world are going to switch to solar energy in the next few years. The Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency is busy creating a programme to facilitate the use of solar energy in over one million homes in India in the next few years.

Solar Energy is the energy received from the sun that sustains life on earth. For many decades solar energy has been considered as a huge source of energy and also an economical source of energy because it is freely available. However, it is only now after years of research that technology has made it possible to harness solar energy.

Some of the modern Solar Energy systems consist of magnifying glasses along with pipes filled with fluid. These systems consist of frontal glass that focuses the sunís light onto the pipes. The fluid present in the pipes heats up instantly. In addition they pipes are painted black on the outside so as to absorb maximum amount of heat. The pipes have reflective silver surface on the back that reflects the sunlight back, thus heating the pipes further. This reflective silver surface also helps in protecting everything that is on the back of the solar panel. The heat thus produced can be used for heating up water in a tank, thus saving the large amount of gas or electricity required to heat the water.

Solar Energy is already being successfully used in residential and industrial settings for cooking, heating, cooling, lighting, space technology, and for communications among other uses. In fact, fossil fuels are also one form of solar energy stored in organic matter. With fossil fuels making major impact on the environment and raising issues of pollution and global warming, solar energy has increased in its importance to industries and homes. While the reserves of fossil fuels are restricted, there is no limitation to the availability of solar energy.